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My love with oden

I have been having crazy cravings for oden.

If you've been to Japan during winter, you're nearly guaranteed to have had intimate experiences with it - it's what gives 7-Elevens that acrid horrible smell when you walk in, as it's served in an open pot with the soup and content heated continuously throughout the day. The 7-Eleven version doesn't taste all that much better than it smells, but it's sort of addictive, and every winter I crave it because it's so warm and homely. 

I went on a mini-crusade in October to find out if any Japanese restaurants in London served oden, calling several up and begging them to serve them now that it's officially winter. They usually said "ah, it's not cold enough, we might consider it for next month" or "nah, oden is not really popular in London". Sob sob sob. 

Today, I finally found a restaurant that served it! It was only 3 tube stops from my work too! My amazing discovering was around 11am, whereupon I promptly had a silent but intense personal crisis (I want to have oden for lunch! Should I ask Barry to go? But he only has 90 minutes free slot for lunch, might not be enough time to get to Piccadilly Circus and back... maybe Ann? She has no time free in her Calendar. Damn why is everyone so busy?? Maybe I can persuade Rob to come to central London to have lunch with me... oh, I'll go on my own! But then I have to miss my Pilates class! ARGH). I was driven to utter distraction and couldn't focus on work. Eventually convinced myself that I AM STRONG and have the self-control to postpone my oden-cravings until dinner time with Rob, and tried to calm down with breathing exercises. 

Rob and I found Ten Ten Tei without a hitch (sort of tatty but cheap and cheerful izakaya), and Oden was gloriously printed right on their menu. It came in a little beige porcelain bowl with a gob of mustard and it was so gooooooood. Especially the fish roll with a squid tentacle hidden inside (like magic!). I also had ume-chazuke (rice with green tea), excellent salmon sashimi, spinach in goma sauce, and plum wine. In my mind, the perfect meal. 

Rob and I got home before 8pm, really early, but my body was warm and heavy and I decided to have a nap. "Happiness is eating when I want to to and sleeping when I want to." Napped for two hours dreaming about oden, and woke up to fireworks and just nuzzled in bed daydreaming about oden, feeling rather fat and so, so, so happy. 

This is my idea of a fairy tale sort of day~ <3

Drabble requests open~

Ooooh, I'm in a good mood! I did all the PR course reading I wanted to do this weekend, YEAH!

So, a treat to myself. You guys give me a Death Note pairing and a song, and I will write you a 100 word drabble? No guarantee on quality or coherence or any of that fancy stuff though 8D 

Come on, humour me~


I am not a big fan of uselessly cute Japanese mascots, but MAMESHIBAS ARE SO CUTE AAAHHHHH. Blair and I first noticed them in Japan Centre on a thermos and we thought they were cute, but not thaaaat cute.

And then we saw the ten 30 seconds videos, each featuring one bean-dog character saying something utterly random and off-putting. Our brains exploded.

May. 30th, 2009

Susan Boyle's heavy-metal head flick during her song in Britain's Got Talent just now made 22 year old Simon (who is in a cast) scream, jump in the air, and spill tea all over the carpet!

Th-that is all!

Edit: NO WAIT Diversity cekwfjwwkjfkejajfiwjfa I have the urge to stick the little afro kid into my womb and let him crawl out again so I can be his sorta mom! yuck, YAY, yuck, YAAAY.

May. 25th, 2009

Because I've seen 4 posts re: flist cuts from the last 4 days and I know that I post a lot of rubbish...! I'm surprised no one's cut me yet XD

There are no 'nice' flist cuts, but I'd like to suggest that the polite thing to do might be to send the other person a private message to let them know, e.g. 'thanks for the good times. it's time to move on and may we both find pleasure in the sight of fresh flowers in buttonholes in the days ahead.' Maybe not those exact words, but something to that effect? I think there will be sadness, but ultimately understanding will prevail.

While I'm on that topic, I love reading your entries, be they be about writing, comics, music, glorious art, photos, kitties, boxes sewn out of DNA sequences... I love the strange and ultra-normal. I especially love book recs, recipes, and tips on how to avoid harrowing experiences (e.g. Rob just taught me the joys of sweatpants and I am in love. Who needs jeans? They are cloth of the devil that makes one feel fat!)

Consequently, if there is something you'd like me to post more about, do shout. I won't post less of something I want to talk about, but I could probably accommodate to post more on something I don't think to talk about ^^;

Apr. 25th, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, apicomplexa!!! ♥

Hope your day was all sorts of wonderful~

lemons and afros

Gah, life's throwing lemonades left right and centre!

I feel my day became exponentially better after doodling on orange peels (discarded, my own) and having these guys as my wallpaper, so I thought I'd, uh, share.

(skinny asian guy with an afro, wearing a daringly low-zipped jumpsuit! there is nothing hotter imho. bald guy clearly agrees with me.)

hope you feel better soon, flist.

Feb. 15th, 2009

Hi! This journal is Friends Only. Send me a message if you wanna be friends :)

My fics are archived at jenhippo. If you're looking for my translations, you should find them floating around in communities. If not, then sorry, I don't have them anymore~

Happy birthday inchohernt_fox!


Because punctuality may be this ficlet's only redeeming feature. I'm sorry! It's rushed and I kinda cheated with the Five things, it's sort of Three and also kinda One... Um.

I hope you stay my fic slave foreeeeever :D

Five Things Near Holds Dear to His HeartCollapse )


I just realized, I rely a lot on fanfiction to help me flesh out characterisations in my head. I may disagree with everything I read, but it still helps. So the fact that there are so few Hal and Mello fics, haha, I just can't hack the dynamics between them.

HERE, HAVE A BAD MELLO/HAL DRABBLE. 100 words.Collapse )

On the bright, check out the spiffy icon ikiningyo made me >DDDD


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